3 Key Factors for Travelers in a Post-Pandemic World

As the current pandemic begins to dissipate, the natural question that arises is: What are traveler’s expectations in a world post-COVID? Given the health emergency, we have been navigating for the past months, it is no surprise that anxiety levels are high as we all transition to our routines and consider our future travel plans. In the hospitality industry, we recognize that the key factors taken into account are cleaning protocols, control over personal space, and having flexible terms and conditions in the booking process.

Social distancing is here to stay. Avoiding crowds and unnecessary contact is primordial. In general, the short-term rental structure is a great match because it requires minimal to no contact with other guests and staff. Our accommodations have all necessary areas and amenities for which, no outside assistance or services are required. Also, apartments have fully equipped kitchens and spacious common areas, all in one space. Guests will be able to enjoy having their personal space.

3 Key Factors for Travelers in a Post-Pandemic World

Cleaning protocols are a major consideration when it comes to prevention and safety. As part of our efforts to provide our guests with the highest cleanliness standards, we’ve added to our regime a high capacity ozone generating machine. Due to it’s fast and effective disinfectant properties, we’re able to provide a safe and optimum environment. Also, it’s valuable to point out that all accommodations have laundry machines. There is no need to leave the space to hire this service. By allowing customer freedom and control over the space, guests can take the measures that they consider necessary to feel at ease.

3 Key Factors for Travelers in a Post-Pandemic World

According to writer and content producer, Jen Murphy, another aspect are booking policies, “Travelers who do book home rentals will find more flexible cancellation policies. Unlike with a hotel booking, guests must pay for the bulk of their home rental in advance.” As these times are uncertain, we understand that plans can change at any time. Flexible cancellation policies are important now more than ever! With that in mind, NUOVO is offering flexible rates and amazing discounts to inspire and motive our clients to look forward to their next adventure!

Journalist and editor, Paul Stevens believes that “Although the confidence levels of travelers will vary [some will be gung-ho and desperate to return to a life of adventure. Whilst others will be very, very cautious]. However, for all types of travelers, easing and appeasing anxiety levels will be key.” At NUOVO, we are aware that travelers now have different expectations and worries as they begin to spread their wings. Our main priority is to communicate our safety measures so that our guests feel safe, informed, and confident about their choice. As always, our customer service team is prepared and ready to attend any need that might arise in the process. Providing a home away from home has always been our priority, we will continue to evolve and adapt to maintain our promise.
For more information on our amazing discounts and flexible rates contact us at www.staynuovo.com.

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